Golf Green Fee Discounts

Golf Green Fee Discounts

Do you want cheaper Green Fees All Year round?

Below is part of the reason Golf Downunder is leading the charge giving Golf Green fee specials all year round.

There are more people playing golf now than there was 10 years ago in Australia.  However there is one big difference, golfers are playing less often.  We have a club in our local area that had 950 members in 2001 and now they have 960 in 2014, which is not a big increase if you consider the population has increased by over 30%.

Lifestyle has changed and so has golf.  Golf Downunder teamed up with the best Public Golf Courses in Western Australia to help Golf be more affordable to the increasing number of Golfers.  We know that many Golf Courses has limited specials, e.g. when they have cored the greens, but Golf Downunder rewards card holders can be happy to know that our discounts apply all year round.  To keep up to date with Participating Golf Courses keep up to date with our Facebook page or go to our website page click here. 

If you are run a Golf Course and would like to participate with our Rewards program please call us today on 1300 040 612.