Joondalup Golf Resort

Joondalup Golf Resort

Joonalup-golf-resort-photoIn a survey done by Golf Tourism WA it was found that when a Golfer arrived in Western Australia the first Golf Course they wanted to play was Joondalup Golf Resort . This was followed by The Vines and Lake Karrinyup no doubt because of the prestigious World class events these 2 Golf Courses have had. Joondalup seems to offer an extremely visual experience combined with a well groomed layout.

Joondalup resort consists of 27 holes, with each nine appropriately named:

  • The Lakes
  • The Dunes
  • The Quarry

As the name suggest the nines are named by their larger than life attributes. You could write a book about each. When you are teeing off a Par 3, where if you hit it short your ball is swallowed by the endless super pit you know you are playing the quarry.

The experience is worth the money at $135 for 18 Holes. (Price as per website) BUT WAIT!!! As of writing this article if you are a current Golf Downunder Card Holder you can enjoy Joodalup for just $79, plus receive a bonus bucket of range balls.

By just playing once at Western Australia’s most renowned Golf Course you have already paid for the card!

Give Joondalup a Call and book your next game today.

Great Golf Courses Indoors

Great Golf Courses Indoors

Playing golf courses like Pebble Beach, Banff Springs and Spyglass is a dream for most of us. Now you can take your family and play many of these golf courses for far less. Welcome to Par 3 indoor Golf. I know the name suggests that you just play Par 3′s but you actually play the whole 9 or 18. It takes a quarter of the time, and the simulators make it as real as you can get.

No need to be intimidated. No doubt if you rocked up to Pebble Beach and your standing on the first tee, you would be a tad nervous. The guy in the pro shop is watching and so are the spectators. Please don’t top it or hit the condo on the right goes through your head. Not at par 3 indoor Golf, it is a very relaxed atmosphere where you can have a drink and pizza while watching your mates strike the ball into the well maintained fairways. No matter whether it is raining or dark outside everything is perfect at par 3 indoor Golf.

Try something different with your mates or family this year. Make sure you mention your a Golf Downunder Card Holder.


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Member Benefits

All current Golf Downunder card holders receive a range of benefits, and we will keep you informed as they are added.

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We have a large number of golf courses in Western Australia and interstate that are becoming partners with Golf Downunder and we will always keep you informed.  Please have a look at our “Participating Golf Course” page for more details.


Where can I buy the Golf Downunder card?

You can only buy the Golf Downunder Card online, Secret Harbour Golf Links or ring 1300040612.

How long is the card valid for?

The card is valid for 12 months from purchase.

How do I renew?

The card is renewed automatically and you will receive a new card 2 weeks before expiry.

How do I cancel my membership?

Email us that you wish to cancel with your name.

How do I use my card?

Mention you have a Golf Downunder card at time of booking.  You will be asked to produce the card when you pay your fees.

What if I have lost my card?

Please email us and let us know your card has been lost.  We will cancel it and issue you a new card.  There is a $5 fee. email

I have a golf course and wish to give a deal to Golf Downunder Card Holders?

Please give us a ring on 1300 040 612.  There is no cost.

How does the affiliate program work?

It is simple, we give you a link to get your golfing buddies to sign up online and we organise the rest.  The link is assigned to your account so we can track who sent us the referral.  Sounds difficult, but we do all the work, just email the link to your friends and they can sign up from there.

When do I get my card?

You will get your card within 7 days of purchasing.  If you have just purchased your card take a print out of your receipt to the course or a screen shot on your phone.

If your question has not been answered please email